2nd edition of Teacher training in Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten in China
2nd edition of Teacher training in Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten in China

From 16th October to 3rd November 2017, the 2nd edition of teacher training in a partner kindergarten – Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten in China was held. The training was organized under the memorandum of cooperation concluded on 7th April 2016 between the Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw and Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten. In the second edition a six students of the WSF took part.

On 16th October which was the first day of the three-week training period an official flag ceremony took place. During the ceremony the flags of China and Poland were raised to the top of the masts and Chinese and Polish national anthems were sung.

The teacher training organized in cooperation with Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten aims to develop and improve students’ pedagogical and methodological skills and competences as well as to increase intercultural competences and awareness of cultural diversity, promoting openness towards very distant cultures - Chinese and Polish, or Asian and European. Through observation and participation in the daily life of preschoolers in China, taking part in various games and activities organized in the Kindergarten, and conducting English classes for children of different age groups, as well as learning and playing with children the trainers acquire and develop not only pedagogical and didactic skills, but also discover Chinese culture, customs and language. Thus, acquire and develop their intercultural competences vital in the work of foreign language teachers in the contemporary world and international environment.


At the end of the first week, students organized activities for children from groups B (3.5 to 4.5 years old) – they danced to such hits like "Veo veo", "Chu Chu Ua" or "Macarena"

On 31st October, Halloween the students conducted a special English class for all 11 groups. Dressed in Halloween costumes, they taught children the vocabulary and songs associated with this holiday and gave the children some sweets according to the popular custom of "trick or treat".

During the three-week stay in China the trainees also had the opportunity to visit the Sunshine Kindergarten 曙光 幼儿园, Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten partner kindergarten. Sunshine Kindergarten is a public kindergarten that offers a very interesting educational program, according to which the children spend more than half a day outdoors, learning and playing outside in specially prepared thematic spots. They can tinker in a workshop, take care of the animals, watch how the vegetables grow, buy and sell in small shops, and also run, jump and play without limits.

On 3rd November 2017, the second edition of the teacher training at the Chongqing Dear Child was completed!

The training was accompanied by an intensive and extensive cultural and sightseeing program. Students had the opportunity to explore the city of Chongqing, see the rock carvings in Dazu listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, walk on the glass bridge at Wansheng Park and take part in Tai Chi lessons.

Chongqing Dazu Wansheng Tai Chi

Special thanks for the photos to Patrycja, Kamila, Kasia, Ola, Ola and Magda.


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