4 cooperative role-playing games
4 cooperative role-playing games

Development period: 1 October 2018 to 30 June 2020

Description: Within the project the partners will develop four role-playing games set in the cultural context of each of the countries and deriving from the local and regional characteristics and educational experiences of the institution. The scenarios of the games will include some elements will include some elements that are characteristic of national and regional culture such as: ways of thinking and communication, solving difficult situations, facts and figures, field related aspects, etc. The aim of the games is to encourage the students to take part in inter- and multicultural education, shape their openness and awareness of their culture and culture of the project partners’ countries. Moreover, while playing the students communication skills, perspective switching, observation, creative and project-oriented thinking.

The games will be developed by each partner individually on the basis of a common, jointly developed and adopted methodology of role-playing games preparation. As a result four individual role-playing games will be developed.

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