e-book GameIT: Gamestorming for Innovative Teaching
e-book GameIT: Gamestorming for Innovative Teaching

Development period: 1 May 2019 to 20 May 2020

Description: The publication will be devoted to the problems of designing, creating and using role-playing games and board games as innovative didactic tools for educational purposes, with special attention to game implementation and use within programs in arts, humanities, didactics, etc.

The e-book will include issues related to the aspects of:

  • learning outcomes – skills and competences developed by using the board games and role-playing games in the classroom environment, with special attention to intercultural aspects,
  • gamification and game-making processes, including methodological background adopted in the project,
  • board games and role-playing games implementation possibilities in study programs in the humanities and arts,
  • methodological guidelines on designing the games and game scenarios corresponding to the needs of higher education,
  • methodological tools and techniques for the academic teachers and lecturers, including the description of teacher-moderator role, teaching techniques and methods,
  • case studies and presentations of using the games during classes,
  • conclusions from the project, especially game tests performed within the project and intensive study program.

The e-book will combine both the theoretical aspects and the practical guidelines for potential users, as well as presentation of game usage case studies.

Leading organization: Wyższa Szkoła Filologiczna we Wrocławiu, Poland


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