GameIT intensive study program
GameIT intensive study program

Date: September 2019

Country of venue: Poland

Playing, testing, sharing the experience together

The GameIT intensive study program, which will take place in September 2019 in Poland, will be, first and foremost, an international event for the students and lecturers of all partner institutions aimed at playing and testing games, sharing opinions and experiences, and playing while learning and learning through play. Within the program the partners will organize gaming workshop sessions in multidisciplinary and multinational environment. Groups of up to 20 students will play, and thus test, the board game and four role-playing games developed by each partner individually on the basis of shared, jointly developed role-playing game preparation methodology.

Moreover, within the intensive study program a series of panel discussions focusing on gamification and gaming in higher education classroom environment, new approaches to teaching-learning process and innovative, multimodal didactic methods and tools will be held.

More information coming in 2019!

“All in all, we hope the participants
will play the GameIT games,
  have lots of fun and share experience!”

GameIT Team


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