Univerza v Ljubljani - GameIT Project Partner
Univerza v Ljubljani - GameIT Project Partner

Univerza v Ljubljani (University of Ljubljana, UL, Slovenia) is the oldest and the largest higher education and research institution in Slovenia. It has over 50 000 students and approximately 5600 employees. The University actively participates and implements national and international educational, as well as research and development projects within such programs as COST, Erasmus+, Tempus, EUREKA and many more. The relations with both the public and the private sector are one of the UL’s most important priorities, which results in successful and broad cooperation. Within the GameIT Project the Faculty of Education is engaged with its vast experience and expertise within teacher training, pedagogy, modern teaching methodology, and innovative active teaching and learning approaches, especially game-based learning and gamification. The Team engaged in the project participated in numerous national and international projects related to innovative teaching, on-line teaching, teacher training. Moreover the members of the Team conduct research in the fields of game-based learning, adaptive learning materials and learning environments, learning with multimedia, and other aspects of the use of ICT in education.

The UL GameIT Team:

  • Jože Rugelj,
  • Mateja Bevčič,
  • Sanja Jedrinović
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