Varied specializations will enable you to acquire skills indispensable in a given working environment. As a WSF graduate you will be equipped in practical, up-to-date qualifications to perform at you best in a chosen job.

Specializations available:

  • Translation
  • Language for Business and Tourism
  • Foreign Language Teaching.

Translation specialization prepares students to become professional translators who are able to deal with different kinds of texts. The study program comprizes subjects like Introduction to the Theory of Translation, Communication in Translation and translation workshops.

Language for Business and Tourism specialization prepares students to work in a variety of environments: business, travel agencies, hotels, etc. The study program comprizes subjects such as Business Language courses or Language in Tourism.

Foreign Language Teaching specialization will prepare you to perform the role of a language teacher. Being our graduate, you will possess the qualifications to teach as many as two languages! The study program comprizes such important subjects as Pedagogy or Methodology.

Whichever you choose, it will be accompanied by an Information Technology module tailored to the needs of a given specialization. 

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