Academic research
Academic research

For many years, the WSF academic faculty has run their own academic research in the fields of  theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, literary and cultural studies. The research is of a great value to both our staff and students who benefit from an access to the latest academic achievements.

The research results are presented during prestigious events organized by WSF. International linguistic conferences are an unquestioning opportunity to meet fellow linguists, share opinions and discuss the latest trends in the field of philology.

Here are some examples of the conferences held in the last few years:

Consultant Assembly
Abre Los Ojos
Languages in Contact
Alternate Construals

Many of them are held yearly and constitute a unique forum for linguist from the whole world. English, Spanish and German philologists have recognized WSF conferences as a conspicuous opportunity to present their latest achievements.  

Languages in Contact 2014

International Conference on Middle English - ICOME 9 2015

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