International Students' Corner
International Students' Corner

In this section you will find testimonials of some of international students who came to study at WSF. They are mostly Erasmus students who spent one or two semesters in Wrocław. And they all enjoyed it a lot!

This is what they say:

  • Taking part in the Erasmus Project was a great opportunity for me, not only because I got the chance to experience another culture but also I got the great opportunity to meet new people. I know that I will never forget the time I spent here and the friends that I made in WSF.
    Wroclaw is a truly amazing city full of history and at the same time it bursts with freshness, it really is the Meeting Place.
    The only regret that I have is that time passed so fast, but even so I am grateful that I got the chance to take part in this project.
    Ioana-Cristiana Isachi, Rumania 



  • I chose WSF because I checked the website of the uni and I liked it a lot. I could read about the school itself  and about the Erasmus program. My teacher told me a lot of nice things about the uni and the contacts between our uni and WSF. She really liked it and suggested me to come here. I really enjoyed studying here, because many native speakers teach German philology classes. In Hungary there weren't any and here, at WSF, 4 out of 5 classes were taught either by a German or an Austrian.
    I really like to be in Wroclaw, because it's a really nice city with a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Initially, I wanted to stay for only one semester, but I updated the contract with my home university and eventually I was staying for the second semester, too.
    Csilla, Hungary 
  • I chose WSF because I really liked the offer of subjects, mainly different kinds of History of Literature you can apply for. I also appreciated the location of the school, almost in the city center. The contact details of the university were in the offer of Erasmus places at my Spanish university.
    However, while I was thinking about what place to choose, I checked WSF website many times and all the information I needed was there.
    The nicest aspects of studying at WSF... I reckon that firstly I should mention the good atmosphere you can enjoy at WSF, people are very kind for foreigners and they help us every time we need it. Secondly, I really like that most of the groups are not big... Being in a group of less than twenty students instead of two hundred has great advantages.
    Neus, Spain 
  • I started my Erasmus adventure in Romania, at the student notice board (...). The choice was not difficult to make as I always felt attracted to Poland. So I decided on Wrocław, an important city from economic, cultural and intellectual points of view.
    I started looking for useful information about Wrocław, and in particular about my future university, Philological School of Higher Education. Of course the Internet proved to be my best friend, as it provided me with everything that I needed to know. And soon I knew that my decision of coming here was the best ever taken.
    I chose to come to WSF because Polish teachers are known for their professionalism and spirit of innovation. Another thing that motivated me to come here was the appealing study offer. Upon my arrival, I was made welcome by friendly Poles who helped me to settle into local academic life, and I can honestly say they made me feel at home here. I easily got used to a new education setting due to the exceptionally open attitude of my European colleagues and teachers.
    Anca, Rumania
  • Honestly, when I started thinking about my Erasmus destination, I never thought that it would have been Poland. I virtually knew nothing about this country. As I love travelling, one of the things I considered, was the country itself. Poland is surrounded by seven countries, so this was one of greatest advantages. I could choose among different Polish cities. I was thinking about Warsaw, but I preferred to live in a smaller city. So finally I chose Wroclaw. When I saw the study program for English Philology at WSF, I liked it a lot since it is focused exactly on what I needed. My Erasmus experience was wonderful. I learnt a lot about the country and its culture totally unknown to me. I lived in one of the most beautiful Polish cities with a particular charm and plenty of good places for entertainment. I had the chance of travelling all around Poland and the neighbouring countries, too. At WSF there were teachers that I will never forget and students who helped me a lot. During my Erasmus time, I met a lot of nice people from different countries and I learnt a lot of things, not only academic ones but also important things about life that made me grow up. For this reason, I encourage everybody to take part in an Erasmus program.
    Mari Cruz Escalona, Spain 


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