Postgraduate programme
Postgraduate programme

WSF offers a wide range of postgraduate programmes, including interdisciplinary programmes in teacher training, translation as well as intercultural and language communication. The aim of the courses is to train interdisciplinary professionals who would perfectly fit the demands of both domestic and foreign labour market. The offer is addressed for those interested in language learning, language teaching, translation and communicational and cross-cultural competences and skills. The unique courses provide not only a professional and theoretical knowledge but also essential language and interpersonal skills. The offer includes postgraduate programmes:

In teaching:

  • Postgraduate Course for Specialist  English Translator
  • Postgraduate Studies for Specialist and Sworn Translators and Interpreters of German
  • Postgraduate studies for professional Spanish translators and interpreters

In translation:

  • Postgraduate Course in Business and Technical Writing in English
  • Postgraduate studies Corporate German
  • Postgraduate studies Spanish for Business and Tourism

In language for business and tourism:

  • Postgraduate studies of intercultural and language communication in the macro-regional cooperation: Poland, Germany, and Czech Republic
  • Postgraduate Latin American Studies

In culture and intercultural studies:

  • Postgraduate studies Intermediality in English language teaching
  • Postgraduate studies in teaching English at the first and second educational level
  • Postgraduate studies in teaching German at the first and second educational level

To start a postgraduate program at WSF:

  • you must have a BA or MA diploma, recognized by Polish educational authorities
  • you must have a secondary school certificate
  • you have to be fluent in English, Spanish or German.

The application process is simple. All you have to do is to fill in an application form and follow the procedure.
For more information please contact:

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