Haus Schlesien
Haus Schlesien

One of our important partners is Haus Schlesien, a German cultural and educational association. As part of our long-standing partnership (since 2004), students of German studies take part in “Schlesische Begegnungen” (Silesian meetings) seminars which are organized in Königswinter. These seminars include interesting lectures and workshops conducted in German, as well as many cultural events, exhibitions and meetings with local citizens.

Moreover, as part of this partnership, students of German studies can pursue internships in the Museum of Silesian Sightseeing (in the proximity of Bonn) and work on museum projects connected with exhibitions and museum resources i.e. they can prepare exhibitions, find appropriate venues, arrange documentation, handle correspondence, conserve collections, take care of marketing, create cultural programs curriculums. These valuable skills and experiences constitute a vital asset that may be used in their further studies or when looking for a job. Meetings in Haus Schlesien contribute to the preservation of Silesian culture heritage as well as to the development of the international cooperation between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Our school maintains a good working relationship with foreign embassies and consulates (of the USA, Germany, Mexico or Peru) and supports its staff and students. Our teachers are active in the international academic community; they publish and present their papers in international conferences. The Philological School of Higher Education organizes numerous lectures and meetings with guests from foreign universities and institutions as well as cultural representatives and diplomats.

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