The Highest Quality of Education
The Highest Quality of Education

WSF received a very high evaluation by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), an independent body that evaluates the quality of higher education institutions in Poland. The PKA evaluates very closely all aspects of a school's activity and drafts a detailed report on its findings. On the basis of the reports of experts and in comparison with the quality of education in other philological faculties in Poland, in 2012 the PKA awarded the Philological School of Higher Education the highest note – an outstanding assessment!

We were awarded an outstanding assessment for the following reasons (based on the PKA report):

  • The curricula exceeds obligatory standards
  • We use the newest information technology in the educational process
  • Students are given an extensive selection of professional subjects
  • The university employs distinguished academic teachers with careers recognized nationally and internationally
  • Students can develop their scientific and professional interests
  • WSF's international cooperation is extensive and multidisciplinary
  • Learning facilities are of high quality, ensuring good organization of the educational process
  • The administration staff is extremely effective
  • The university has a very good reputation in Poland and is acknowledged in the academic world.
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