Wykład gościnny prof. Liliany Sikorskiej
Wykład gościnny prof. Liliany Sikorskiej

17 grudnia 2014 r. w Wyższej Szkole Filologicznej odbył się wykład gościnny prof. dr hab. Liliany Sikorskiej z Wydziału Anglistyki Uniwersytetu im Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, zatutułowany The Bizarre Bazaar, or on "Going into Hethen Cuntre” in Medieval and Nineteenth Century Romances 



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Abstrakt wykładu:

When Edward Said put forward the claim that in the Western mind The Orient “becomes a living tableau of queerness” (1978: 103) he unleashed a surge of discussions concerning the relations between the East and the West. In contemporary postcolonial studies as much as in medieval studies no one dares to approach the subject without at least making a reference to his arguments. Indeed, medieval Saracen romances, especially those with a pronounced travel element, in which encounters with the barbarians are inevitable, “exoticize” all that is unknown and strange. Medieval curiositas, sinful as it could have been, driven valiant knights and humble pilgrims to explore and describe the rims of their universe inhabited by abnormal, and hardly anthropoid bodies. The same process is observable in Victorian quest romances and travel narratives which inform one another, in the methods they describe people and places. What follows, is the reading of the medieval and nineteenth century “Oriental romances” through the prism of wanderlust enlightening the meaning of “Being Human”.





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