About Us
About Us

The Philological School of Higher Education (WSF) is a dynamic, rapidly developing and renowned university specializing exclusively in modern languages and literature studies. We are a non-state university and we charge tuition fees.

We function on the basis of The Education System Act of July 27, 2005. By the decision of the Minister of Education and Sport on March 14, 2002, WSF was entered into the register of non-state higher education institutions.

Our mission is developing practical language skills at an academic level as well as equipping students with broad interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills which will allow them to find interesting jobs. In order to achieve that, we offer attractive philologies and specializations which are introduced after researching employers's needs.

WSF is known for the care and attention that it puts into the quality of teaching, which is ensured by careful selection of our academic faculty and high standards of education. WSF uses a modern interdisciplinary program based on original programs of our professors. It includes a perfectly coordinated system of lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops. Such system fully prepares students for work in the foreign language education, translations, tourism, business, media, editing, or social and cultural management.

Using state-of-the-art solutions has always been valued in WSF. Our students can enjoy all the benefits of professional e-learning platform on which a great number of attractive and informative materials is being placed on a daily basis. For the sake of immediate communication, we have implemented a fully functional e-dziekanat (e-students'office) for our students and staff.

We are renowned for outstanding teaching quality and we would like you to become one of our satisfied students.

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