Academic Research Departments
Academic Research Departments

The WSF academic faculty conducts research in the domains of theoretical, descriptive and applied linguistics, literary and culture studies with focus on their theoretical and methodological aspects, with special attention devoted to discourse studies as well as cultural identity and cultural heritage determinants. Research carried out by the WSF Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature is conducted within six Academic Research Departments, i.e.:

  • Department of Linguistic Semiotics and Communicology (Head: Professor Zdzisław Wąsik)
  • Department of Axiological Linguistics (Head: Professor Michał Post)
  • Department of German Literary Studies (Head: Professor Anna Stroka)
  • Department of Ibero-Romanic Cultures and Literatures (Head: Professor Piotr Sawicki)
  • Department of Contact Linguistics and Discourse Anthropology (Head: Professor Piotr P. Chruszczewski).

Broad academic research carried out by faculty members, renowned both locally and internationally, is of great value to the WSF students and constitutes a source of inspiration and motivation to the young members of the academic staff. The research results and academic achievements are presented at symposia, national and international conferences, organized by WSF.

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