The WSF staff  visit in Norway
The WSF staff visit in Norway
On 23-30 April 2016 the representatives of WSF staff members visited the partner university - Sogn og Fjordane University College (HiSF) in Norway. The Norwegian–Polish meeting was possible thanks to the realized projects: Philologist for the environment (with the Department of Engineering and Technical Sciences HiSF) and Mobility of Students and Academic Staff within Scholarship and Training Fund of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE).
Our staff members took part in working meetings, presented their Norwegian colleagues outcomes of the  project activities, and finally they shared experience related to the organisation of academic work at WSF:  ICT systems of university communication and e-learning options in WSF education. The meetings were very inspiring and fruitful.  Our lecturers learned about innovative ways  of using ICT  solutions in education and good Scandinavian practices, which may also be used at home. Other topics of talks were future cooperation perspectives.
There was also an occasion to admire the beauty of the local Norwegian landscape – the university in Sogndal is situated on the biggest fjord in Norway. 
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