American Studies
American Studies

Undergraduate studies (BA or licencjat in Polish) in American English will allow you to acquire knowledge and practical skills connected with learning American English as well as other useful professional skills.

Program of studies
The program of studies has been developed on the basis of our academic faculty expertise and the latest information technology. The program consists of specialized thematic modules:
  • Practical Language (or PNJA in Polish): develops the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as vocabulary and grammar.
  • Culture Studies: this module familiarizes students with the culture and history of the USA. You will learn history of American literature, history of language, stereotypes, multimedia and many others.
  • Communication: these classes will help you gain knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, social psychology, sociology, philosophy and interpersonal communication.
  • Modern Technology: courses inclueded in this module will show you how to use the Internet, multimedia and other modern technologies in your future job.
  • Elective Courses: every year there is a wide selection to choose from (e.g. American mass media, American ethnic literature, Economy of the USA, etc).
  • Diploma Seminar: prepares you to write your BA thesis and take your BA exam.

American Studies program is available only within full-time mode of studies.
Selected specialization subjects can be chosen.

BA Program

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