BA Program
BA Program

To start a BA program:

  • you must be a secondary school graduate and your certificate must be formally recognized by Polish educational authorities
  • you have to know English or German fluently, or have a nearly native-like command of Polish.

We offer a variety of language studies to choose from: you can pick either English, English for BeginnersGerman, Italian, Spanish, American English or our exceptional Language+Language program.

Specializations available are: Foreign Language Teaching for educational levels 1 and 2 (early and primary), Language for business and IT, Translation and communication in professional environment (Polish language fluency is requirer). 

Knowledge and skills acquired during the BA studies will allow you to work in the following areas:

  • foreign language teaching
  • translations
  • public translations or certified translations (after having passed necessary exams)
  • publishing and mass-media
  • international business and entrepreneurship
  • local and EU administration
  • cultural institutions
  • higher education and research facilities
  • service sectors requiring advanced knowledge of English (e.g. the tourist industry)
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