A Philologist for the Environment
A Philologist for the Environment

Measure: Development of Polish Higher Education Institutions, Scholarship and Training Fund
Partner institution: Sogn og Fjordane University College, Norway
Project duration: 05/01/2015–31/05/2016

The project is carried out by the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature of the Philological School of Higher Education (WSF) and the Technical and Engineering Sciences Faculty of Sogn og Fjordane University College (HiSF).

The Philologist for the Environment is an interdisciplinary project – it directly combines the issues related to didactics of foreign languages, including teaching discipline specific languages, with content-based aspects concerning human environment – its resources, hazards, protection, etc.  The project leads to extending the educational offer of the university to include a new, attractive professional profile, particularly through the combination of interdisciplinary courses with the development of high IT competences of students/graduates, due to the inclusion of multimedia forms and projects into the implementation of didactic tasks, with the application of modern infrastructure of e-learning studio and audiovisual laboratory. Moreover, the implementation of the project will contribute to the extension of the sphere of social responsibility of WSF with a pro-ecological strategy – conscious and purposeful activities consisting in a rational use of the environmental resources, the implementation of projects and investments aimed at the proper protection of the environment and the popularization of conscious pro-ecological attitudes among the staff, students and the social environment of the university. 

Accomplished project activities:






We encourage you to see the information brochure created within the project.


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