EU projects
EU projects
The International Cooperation and EU Projects Department applies for the funds available for higher education. They stimulate and support  WSF academic potential and didactic offer. This also translates into improving the quality of education, and constant improvement of the WSF offer. 
In September 2009 we began to work on the implementation of a modern e-learning platform, which enables distance learning. The investment was made under the project, i.e. Online Studies – increasing the quality and availability of philological studies by the implementation of a new education system, which is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (RPO WD programme). As a result, since October 2010 WSF students have had an opportunity to benefit from this  form of education, successfully applied by leading universities all over the world.
Applying for funds, we establish cooperation with employers and educational institutions in Wroclaw and the Lower Silesian region. Forming partnerships, we provide opportunities for our students and academics to contact scientific institutions, self-governments, as well as business environment. Preparing educational projects, we collaborate with Education Department of Wroclaw City Council. Such an approach proves our credibility and effectiveness in taking actions in favour of our institution and local community.    
The Minister of Science and Higher Education said that making an effort to obtain EU funds and implementing projects increases universities competitiveness. We agree with this statement, and thus we continuously work on the opportunities to obtain the funds in order to increase the WSF potential. 
We believe that studying at WSF you will notice the effects of it.
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